Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last weeks in Israel... Leaving on Monday

So this is my last blog from Israel because I'm leaving here on Monday night. I'll be going to a few cities in Europe in the next 2 weeks so it should be pretty sweet.

Yesterday was the start of Rosh Hashanah which is the Jewish New Year. So that means that from yesterday evening until tomorrow evening there are no buses running. To get around I guess you can either walk, have a car, know someone with a car, hitchhike or take taxis or microbuses (although they only run from major cities). But most people spend the holiday by getting together with their family and eating a really big meal. After our dinner yesterday, I went and met my cousin and some of her friends for a bunch of drinks to celebrate the new year and it was goood fun.

In the last few weeks, I've traveled a bit more. I spent 5 days in Jerusalem where I found some places that sell mate... of course I bought some and have finally been drinking it again, my bombilla has been waiting to get used. Then, I couchsurfed in a kibbutz that's next to the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret). Almost everyone in the kibbutz is from Argentina although I only met a couple of them. oooh, and I got to milk goats, it was so sweet!! Well I didn't milk them directly, we put on these tubes and the suction from them would get the milk out of the goats. Either way it was still awesome.

And our host there took us to 'The Hidden Lake' which has only been around for a few years. It's there because people were digging in a quarry, and they hit one spot where some water came out. Then it kept coming out till there was a mini-lake. So then they had to stop digging and now it's a really nice place to go swimming (although too many people there on Saturdays). I've also wandered a bit more around Tel Aviv and had some amazing Hummus (I argue that this place is the best hummus in Israel, but everyone has their own, it's like arguing who has the best philly cheesesteak). I also ate Sabich. The 'ch' in that is pronounced like the spitting sound from your throat that many people can't do. Sabich is delicious. It was eggplant, egg, salad, tehina, and some other stuff all in a pita, much better than falafel I think.

Another crazy thing about this summer is that I haven't seen a drop of rain since I got here and it's still pretty hot most places here. It's been really nice... well for me, I think this country wouldn't mind if it rained more seeing as how they don't have so much water